When the Hunter Moves On

For those who have played the dating game successfully, they believe their partner is ready to make the same lifetime commitment. They see marriage as their ticket to relationship paradise, but there are always those who have captured a hunter who will never be happy. The hunter will play along for a few months or years, but their nature will eventually surface. When the hunter moves on, they will leave a path of emotional destruction behind them.

There are very few people in the world who play the game of dating with the object of being dumped, but they may not realize what they are getting into when they make a commitment. People tend to imagine others feel the way they do, so they are generally not looking at others in a negative light. For those who have made a commitment to a dedicated hunter, they seldom see the signs that they have captured a person who will never be happy in a real relationship.

Getting ditched by a partner is always painful, but it hurts even more when a long term relationship is involved. Those who thought they made the right choice will spend a long time trying to figure out where they went wrong. It could take them years to finally realize they simply chose a person incapable of settling down, but supportive friends and family can help them see the truth once they are ready to hear it.

Moving on in life after a relationship has ended can be difficult, but the knowledge the other person’s choices were what caused the relationship to break up can be helpful. For those who temporarily captured a hunter, moving on means forgiving their own errors and looking for ways they can spot a dedicated hunter before they make another lifetime commitment to someone.