A No Strings Attached Relationship

Dating people and finding that special someone often seems to be an endless hunt for perfection. It can be a tiring process for the unsuccessful dater. They may keep trying, sometimes for years, before they realize there is something wrong. Many of these people are generous and caring. They often find selfish people that take advantage of them. After a few years, this person will begin to wonder if there really is a special someone for them. In the meantime, they still have needs.

Going out on dates and building a relationship is not the only way to satisfy a person's needs. Even if the need is for physical intimacy, dating need not be part of the answer. Hooking up with a fuck buddy is a good way to take care of physical needs without playing another round of the dating game. It gives that person seeking their perfect partner a breather from the need to form a relationship.

Getting physical intimacy without a relationship is relaxing for many daters. They know that their fuck buddies are not looking for a relationship. They do not have to invest time and energy in appeasing someone just to relieve pressure. This is a winning scenario for both people. It is casual sex with the same partner, but without any promises to be given or taken.

There are few people that are able to find a good sexual partner without being involved in a relationship. Those that do are lucky indeed. They have found someone to scratch their itch without demanding fidelity or even the hint of a relationship. This gives them the time they need to find someone that will truly appreciate them. Rather than rushing into a relationship, they can take the time necessary to find out whether or not the other person deserves to be their special someone.